Keeping personal growth groups connected to “the work” & each other. 

Amplify the power of social connection amongst members of your personal growth group through asynchronous, structured conversations driven by customizable prompts, exercises, and challenges.

Pilot Threads with your group!

Designed with personal growth groups in mind.

Automated & Always On

Keep your group engaged with automatic prompts, exercises, & challenges and a built-in notification system that works.

Easy Setup in 5 Minutes, or Less

Set up your group and leverage existing Threads prompt packs inspired by tried-and-true personal growth and spiritual group frameworks.

Custom Content for Your Group

Customize the prompts your group receives based on your own frameworks and spiritual teachings.

Nurture a Safe (Digital) Space

A dedicated place for your members to engage in vulnerable conversations on their own time, away from social media and everyday messengers.

Authentic Sharing Made Easy

Choose between video, text, and other multi-media response modes to meet your group members where they’re comfortable.

Packs Available For:

Personal Growth Groups

From men’s and women’s groups to conscious leadership and burnout-prevention groups, Threads offers content packs inspired by professionally facilitated group-support frameworks.

Spiritual Community Groups

Whether your group comes together over transcendental meditation, full moon ceremonies, or other rituals, Threads is currently building content packs inspired by the world’s diverse spectrum of spiritual practices and renowned spiritual thought leaders.

Faith Groups

We are actively developing new content packs alongside faith leaders, specifically curated for your faith group. Please get in touch if you have content you’d like to make available to your member-base.

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Use Threads with custom content!

Got a different kind of group? No sweat! Submit your own content packs and our team will have you up and running in no time. 

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The social support messenger for intentional groups.

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