Your Social Superpower Scores: What Do They Mean?

Your social powers are more than just personality traits, they can be harnessed to help you live a happier, healthier life.

Choose a Superpower to Explore:

The Seer

An Empath with the Power of Unity

U.N.I.T.Y! Hear that? You’re queen (or king) of comm-unity, and you’ve got the voice to back it up. A natural social ambassador, you foster a sense of belonging throughout your proverbial kingdom. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, being a social conduit likely charges you up — you’re in your element when you’re sparking meaningful connections between people you care about.

What Your Seer Score Means

If You Scored: High

You feel meaningfully connected to your tribe, a key ambassador of the groups with which you interact. You feel high degrees of trust, fellowship, and common humanity with other people.

To enjoy the full benefits of your superpower without overextending yourself, practice self-compassion.

If You Scored: Average

You might be a little skeptical of people’s trustworthiness and often elect to go it alone. You are part of some groups that you ended up in (often by circumstance) and you willingly support their aims.

Practice feeling connected to remind yourself why you invest time and energy in others.

If You Scored: Low

Though you have people who care about you, you tend to avoid teams, clubs, organizations, or collectives. Your voice might not be heard much, as a result, because you often see cooperative endeavors as too much effort for too little payoff.

To enjoy the benefits of social integration, try giving your time.

Don’t know your social superpower? Take the quiz to find out!

The Vital Role of Seers in Social Circles

You are: Empathetic (obvi!), well-connected, trusting, inspiring, and demonstrative with your gratitude because you feel the goodness around you. By generally trusting and seeing the good in others, you inspire unifying moments between the people in your life and naturally foster a community in which they feel welcome.

People love that you: Feel what they’re about long before they reveal their passions. You cross-pollinate your social circles with new invitees and intrinsically understand how facilitating happy connections positively affects the world around you. Where you go, goodness follows — you’re just so in tune!  

Your social pillar: Integration! The integration pillar of social health represents belonging, community, and purpose. You’re singing the song of one who sees beyond yourself. Being socially integrated, for you, means feeling trustful and supported but also like you play a vital role in the collective, be it family, community orgs, or the world.

The skills that give you your power: Engaging and interacting readily with friends, family, colleagues, and community, you tend to perceive others as generally trustworthy and good. As a result, you see yourself as capable and effective — you show up confident but open, and you set realistic, achievable, and meaningful goals.

The Seer’s Kryptonite

Self-deprecation and anxiety. Over emphasizing integration at the expense of other pillars of social health could leave you well connected but also more vulnerable to self-criticism, over-giving, and being too attuned to the social consequences of actions, decisions, and behaviors in a way that ultimately reduces your sense of self-worth. This can lead to an unwillingness to acknowledge your own emotional experiences or seek and accept help from others.

Practice self-compassion when your Seer skills jump into overdrive!

The Healer

A Healer with the Power of Regeneration

Like a phoenix from the ashes, when the going gets tough, you rise to the occasion. You know how to dust off your feathers, let the old stuff fall away, and wax magnificent like the rare bird you are. Emotional maturity guides you — you apologize, forgive and reconcile interpersonal differences and conflict with genuine social grace. Why hate when you can communicate? That’s your motto!

What Your Healer Score Means

If You Scored: High

When the going gets tough, you call in the troops. You share your troubles honestly and accept consolation and comfort from others, who in turn help you feel better and find resolution. Tough stuff can’t keep you down.

You’re a resilient rockstar at risk of overextending yourself, so don’t forget to give yourself a compassion break.

If You Scored: Average

You might be embarrassed to own up to discomfort or express your emotions. Especially under pressure, you tend to avoid and suppress your feelings, in part to avoid burdening others, and also because you can perceive your “negative” emotional experience as undesirable.

Redefine “negative” with fresh perspective.

If You Scored: Low

You rarely (if ever) share your negative thoughts and emotions with anyone. You can be highly self-critical about your own difficulties and believe your challenges to be exceptional — they’re yours, and yours alone. You suppress your upset at all costs and keep the lid on your feelings … until your pot boils over.

Release your trapped emotions with this practice.

Don’t know your social superpower? Take the quiz to find out!

The Vital Role of Healers in Social Circles

You are: Resilient. You heal yourself (and others) by embracing healthy vulnerability. You’re willing to open up and share your troubles honestly because you recognize that we’re all human and need support. You readily accept compromise and consolation. Who needs a hug?

People respect your: Grudge-free style. You rock humility, self-compassion, and forgiveness like no other. You’ve got superhuman social stamina and vitality, allowing you to empathize without projecting or absorbing too much. It’s all water off a duck’s back with you! 

Your social pillar: Acceptance! The acceptance pillar of social health represents vulnerability, caring, and compassion, including with yourself. Acceptance drives social well-being by enabling people to connect in difficult times, seek and accept support from others, and extend concern toward others in constructive, conciliatory ways.  

The skills that give you your power: resilience, vulnerability, and accountability. You bounce back with superhuman healing powers when emotional distress storms your gates. You don’t suppress emotions — you disclose them, ask for help, and refrain from excessive self-criticism. Compassionate and collaborative, you readily apologize, forgive, and reconcile differences.

The Healer’s Kryptonite

Neediness, burnout, and pessimism. Codependence is a risk if you’re high in acceptance but low in other pillars of well being. You may be too accommodating of others, consumed by dealing with social challenges. If you always end up on the managing end of life’s difficulties, you might not see the larger picture of your purpose in the social milieu nor find opportunities to share fun, cooperative experiences in an interdependent way.

Practice self-compassion when your Healer skills get a little draining.

The Champion

A People’s Champion with the Power of Superhuman Strength

Hold the phone booth! You’ve never needed a cape to lift people up, you square-jawed Clark Kent, you. If anyone needs a tall building leapt, you’re the one to do it. You always give what you can! That tends to be a superhuman amount (compared to others), yet it’s all in a day’s work for you.

What Your Champion Score Means

If You Scored: High

You’re a giver, bringing out joy and relief in others everywhere you go. You rarely worry about whether you have enough energy — sharing goodness fuels you! Plus, it’s way more fun than having everything to yourself, amiright?

Balance your generosity with reciprocity by feeling into your support system.

If You Scored: Average

When you see a need, you think about how much you can afford to help, often long enough that someone else helps first (what a relief). It’s the same with your energy — you’re happy to share, when there’s plenty. You like teamwork, but you prefer to win for yourself.

Flex your cooperative skills with this practice for finding common ground.

If You Scored: Low

You’re vigilant, always protecting what is yours. Saving up for your own success and access to resources is the most important driver of what you do and when you do it. You may help others if you’re sure it’ll be reciprocated, but you generally feel drained by other people’s needs.

Use these practices to bring out your altruistic side.

Don’t know your social superpower? Take the quiz to find out!

The Vital Role of Champions in Social Circles

You are: compassionate! You’re the social superhero who’s most likely to use your superhuman strength to elevate and inspire others. Your support and generosity show the world how much more enjoyable it is when everyone’s well represented and respected. Go you! 

People appreciate your: kindness, supportiveness, generosity, and egalitarianism. You happily give time, energy, and resources to causes and people you care about. You love to illicit joy and relief in others, and you rarely worry about whether you will have enough to give.

Your social pillar: contribution! The contribution pillar of social health refers to supportiveness and generosity. Donating time or effort, choosing to intervene on behalf of another, and contributing to a cause, come easy because you see more benefit than cost in the face of opportunities to serve others.

The skills that give you your power: You’re naturally egalitarian, compassionate, generous, cooperative, and supportive. You love creating and sharing experiences! You readily offer help people in your daily life, and it’s no skin off your back to step up in little ways all around your community.

The Champion’s Kryptonite

Self-neglect and cynicism. Being too much of a contributor without embracing the other pillars of social health is a hot ticket to burnout. You don’t always notice when it’s you who needs support, and even if you do, you’re not likely to ask for it. That means you only get help if they’re reading your mind. You’re not always inclined to welcome other people’s input and may deplete yourself to the point of feeling cynical without enough rest, receptivity, and reciprocity.

Learn to lean into your own support system when you’re shutting down.

The Sayer

A Truth Sayer with the Power of Clairvoyance

You’re probably used to being right all of the time — with your built-in farsight, you see everything coming! Fluent in the language of others’ emotions (and your own sixth sense), you ease around known and unknown elements without compromising your truth. Your words are honest and accurate, and you communicate in ways that honor and dignify others. You wouldn’t fake it if you could — the Force is just too strong in you!

What Your Sayer Score Means

If You Scored: High

You’re honest and accurate, yet you speak your truth in ways that honor and dignify others. You pay attention to people, hearing and understanding their meaning readily. That’s because you’re always working behind the scenes, internally paying attention to your own mind and body to gauge the situation. 

Take a walk and a few deep breaths, some details in life need no interpretation.

If You Scored: Average

You listen to others with one ear, simultaneously deciding what to say to advance the objective as you see it — for better or worse, collaboratively speaking. You modify your words to create particular impression for people or sometimes fake it because you’re not immediately sure how you feel.

Stay in touch with yourself with this super-nurturing practice.

If You Scored: Low

You react quickly, often defensively, and without considering your real feelings or the intentions behind peoples’ words. You’ll interject to assert your needs, make sure others know how you see things, and even make fun of other people when it gets intense.

Hone your listening skills to make life (and conflict) a little easier.

Don’t know your social superpower? Take the quiz to find out!

The Vital Role of Sayers in Social Circles

You are: mindful, authentic, and real. You show up without pretense and tune into the needs and emotions of those around you, which inspires others to do the same and creates a more open and honest world for everyone (thanks, btw). You’re rocking life with a general sense of emotional contentment and ease.

People seek your: awareness of self and others, as well as your authenticity, and honesty. Around you, they feel heard and understood. You get the intention behind their words and perceive the long-term outcome of each conversation. Will you be our social guru?

Your social pillar: actualization! This refers to how honest you are with yourself and others. You’re aware of your feelings and thoughts in social interactions, listening without thinking strategically about what to say next, and communicating in honest, emotionally intelligent ways. You’re not reactive, and you don’t try to impress.

The skills that give you your power: You manage challenges with levity and understand how to make other people feel heard and seen in social contexts. Your authenticity paired with an honest and granular perception of the emotions in yourself and others helps you achieve your goals and feel good about doing it.

The Sayer’s Kryptonite

Being too actualized without flexing the other pillars of social health can lead to self-absorption or a holier-than-thou way of interacting with other people that they’re likely to find abrasive, aloof, or off-putting. While the skills of actualization are great for social interactions, without the other pillars, they can lead to irritating perceptions of over-seriousness or inflexibility when you’re overconfident about just how right you are in a given situation.

If you see your people pulling away, get out of your head.

Don’t know your social superpower? Take the quiz to find out!

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Know Your Social Superpower, Boost Your Social Wellness

Our friends at Berkley’s Greater Good Science Center discovered four distinct categories of essential human social skills. And, while strengths abound in each of us, we tend to show up strongest in one category — our superpower! It’s pretty tough to flex in all four areas equally. The reason? We simply don’t treat our social health the way we do our mental and physical well-being (and the tools aren’t exactly easy to find). That changes now.

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