Fabriq Referrals Graphic

How Fabriq’s Reward Program Works

With Fabriq’s referral program, you’ll be rewarded 3 months of All Access for free each time someone you’ve invited signs up.

There are no limits on the number of invites you can send, and no limits on how many free months you can earn, so share liberally!

Here’s how to earn your free months of All Access:

Use Your Unique Invitation Link
Make sure your people use your unique link when they sign up, that way we can credit you for the referral.

Track Your Free Months
We’ll send you a notification when someone signs up and you can always track how many months free you’ve been credited here.

Claiming Your Free All Access Time
If you’re currently on a Fabriq Basic plan, your reward time will automatically begin as soon as you earn your first free month. You will continue to have access to all of Fabriq’s subscription-only features until your time runs out.

If you’re currently a paying All Access subscriber, your free time will immediately kick in after your subscription time ends.

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