Episode 9: May 28, 2019

Aaron Kahlow: Feel Deeply Connected, Our Greatest Human Need

As humans, we need to feel deeply connected to others. Aaron Kahlow teaches us to host connective gatherings, emanate joy, and ask the important questions.
Episode 9: May 28, 2019

Aaron Kahlow: Feel Deeply Connected, Our Greatest Human Need

As humans, we need to feel deeply connected to others. Aaron Kahlow teaches us to host connective gatherings, emanate joy, and ask the important questions.

Episode Overview

Our guest this week is Aaron Kahlow. Aaron has been a friend of Amy’s over the last few years, ever since they met when he was working at Conscious Company Media. Aaron has over 20 years of experience as a founder and CEO, building and growing 5 companies and organizations. Over the past 5 to 10  years or so, he’s dedicated his life and work to using the skills from his business background to help further the consciousness and mindfulness movements, and truly help people find greater connection in their lives. Aaron is paving the way for people to have more access to modern mindfulness and a life that leads us to our greatest human need — feeling deeply connected.

Listen on to figure out how you can host your own gatherings that bring people together and bring out the most connection between people, what’s wrong with the term self-care, how we can emanate the most joy as human beings and attract others around us, what makes complete strangers the best listeners, and finally, one of the most powerful questions that you can ask someone.

They’ll also discuss…

  • Aaron’s transition from tech entrepreneur and CEO to the mindfulness path he’s on
  • Do the ends justify the means?
  • The importance of time and space
  • How you can make the greatest impact on the world by emanating as much joy as possible
  • Love versus fear
  • The problem with using self-care as a catchall term
  • Aaron’s values that lead to connection: joy, ease, kindness, & light
  • Conscious circling format and questions
  • Sangha — A buddhist term meaning sitting with a group of people that share our values
  • Tips for having more connective gatherings
  • Aaron’s go-to questions for building connection
  • Trying to laugh without smiling

Connection is the name of the game, according to Aaron Kahlow. Everything he values and everything he does are leading him towards a life full of deep connections. Take a few tips from him and you’ll be on your way to feeling connected, happy, and healthy in no time. You just might have to spend a little time sitting in a circle sharing your heart out.

Social Wellness Challenge

Take a tip from buddhist monks! 

Buddhist monks stop and bow every time they walk by one another. Now, we’re not suggesting you start walking around town bowing at every acquaintance you see. We are suggesting that you give every person you see the time and respect they deserve. Instead of waving hi as you go bye, just stop, look them in the eye, and ask, “How are you?” and mean it! Make the switch from “hi” to “how are you?”, and see how that feels. 


The Art of Living: Peace and Freedom in the Here and Now by Thich Nhat Hanh

Archipelago Social Club in Denver

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Parker Palmer whose work on circling has inspired Aaron

ConsciuosCircles.org Facilitator program

iPEC – Conscious Coaching & Training

Jefferson Dinners

Aaron’s go-to questions for connection:

  • “Share a place in your life where you’re feeling stuck…”
  • “Where are you feeling right now from an energy and heart standpoint?”
  • “How is your heart?”
  • “What does it mean to really let go?”
  • “Where are you feeling the greatest pain or friction in this transition of your life?”
  • “How are you showing up for the people in your life right now?”

This Week’s Guest

Aaron Kahlow

Aaron Kahlow is putting his entrepreneurial skills to work for the greater consciousness and mindfulness movement . As founder of ConsciousCircles.org Aaron is creating “conscious circles” around the world  for leaders, entrepreneurs and all human souls trying to find their way through life’s big transitions. His circles focus on getting clarity of true-self by cultivating a trusted space for our souls to be revealed and human wholeness be found.   

Many know Kahlow for his leadership roles  at Conscious Company Media and the related Conscious Company Leaders Forum;   co-founding the Conscious Business World Summit, the Mindful Order of Being and now, his role at Institute of Excellence of Coaching. Aaron is also a syndicated columnist, passionate motivator and globally renowned speaker.

I’d define social wellness as how we can be in greater connection with others in our community — connection one-to-one with the people we already know, connection one-to-many with the people we interact with on a daily basis, and connection to this greater sense of community. And to be intentional in that. It’s how we can be in connection to allow ourselves to be well, and to know that’s it’s not just on us ourselves to figure it out.

Aaron Kahlow

Founder & Chief Facilitator, Conscious Circles

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