Episode 7: May 14, 2019

Sue Heilbronner: Coaching Conscious Leadership & Authentic Relating

Sue Heilbronner is committed to showing up, taking 100% responsibility, having real conversations, using conscious leadership, and authentic relating.
Episode 7: May 14, 2019

Sue Heilbronner: Coaching Conscious Leadership & Authentic Relating

Sue Heilbronner is committed to showing up, taking 100% responsibility, having real conversations, using conscious leadership, and authentic relating.

Episode Overview

In this episode, Amy calls up a mentor, personal friend, and a fierce woman in leadership, Sue Heilbronner. She’s a speaker, a startup CEO, an investor, a professor at CU Boulder, a conscious leadership coach, and the co-creator of both Leadership Camp, as well as MergeLane, an accelerator for startups that have at least one female in leadership. Sue also mentors startups through the Techstars accelerator program in Boulder. She also teaches Conscious Leadership Camp, which you’ll learn more about in this episode. Over the years, Amy has learned firsthand that Sue is deeply committed to showing up authentically, practicing conscious leadership, and taking 100% responsibility for who she is, what she says, and how she shows up for people.

Listen on to find out about Sue’s poker-playing mom in Vegas, what it means to really walk the talk, what it means to have “random time” set aside in your calendar for people, and the conscious leadership fundamentals, including taking 100% responsibility — no more no less — and how we can really own our parts at all times with people.

What we cover:

  • Their mothers! More specifically, how Amy’s mom led her to meet Sue and what Sue’s Vegas poker-playing mom taught her about life, math, and gender
  • Creating instant intimacy and having real conversations
  • The value of time
  • The importance of nurturing your intimate, connected circle & spending time with peers
  • Why people who are active on social media or closer geographically end up in your conscious more often than some people that you care deeply about
  • How to use social media in a way that feels connective and enriching, like being available & vulnerable in the world at scale
  • What Amy thinks “spiritual materialism” is
  • How self-awareness creates better leaders
  • Using candor and being honest with ourselves and the people we care about
  • And much more!

As humans, we crave real, intimate conversations and connections. It starts with authentic relating, showing up, and always owning your part. A true coach, this interview with Sue Heilbronner will teach you a thing or two about self-awareness, the personas we all carry, and what we can do to truly connect with the people we care about.

Social Wellness Challenge

Pay Attention!

Whenever you stop listening to this because you go and interact with another person, you’re going to show up probably in one or more different personas, one or more behaviors, coping mechanisms, strategies for dealing with that person. Would you be willing to just pay attention to one behavior you’re engaged in? And see if you can see the difference between that coping mechanism, behavior, or persona, and who you really are? Without shame.

Just pay attention. Ask yourself, “What’s one coping mechanism I’m going to use at a cocktail party or dinner with my family or this next conversation I have with my boss? And could I just notice it and notice if it feels familiar?”


MergeLane — Sue’s accelerator for companies with females in leadership

Investor Brad Feld, from whom Sue learned about “random time”

The Booth for one-on-one time with Sue Heilbronner

Female founder who sought advice from Amy — Ainsley McCallister of Urū Sports

Facebook Marketplace

Because, apparently, nobody buys things on Craigslist anymore

Conscious Leadership Camp in Boulder, CO run by Sue Heilbronner

Enneagram resources:  Kaley Klemp & The Enneagram Institute

This Week’s Guest

Sue Heilbronner

Sue Heilbronner is a speaker, startup CEO, investor, adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, conscious leadership coach, and co-creator of Leadership Camp, a training program for high potential leaders.

Sue has been a CEO, president, and CMO, and has led companies in many sectors, with two successful exits. Now, Sue has the privilege of serving as a mentor in the international Techstars Accelerator. She’s an avid angel investor in companies with amazing founding teams working on problems she cares about.

As the co-founder and CEO of MergeLane — a leading accelerator for startups with at least one female in leadership — Sue offers deep insights into how to create a culture that fully empowers and leverages high-potential females in leadership. Sue inspires others with her authenticity, directness, and humor every day.

A cultural acceptance of the idea of all of us showing up as ourselves, our authentic selves, and that being enough.

Sue Heilbronner

Coach, Mentor, Leadership Camp & MergeLane

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