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Be Involved in the Lives of Your People

We’re Working on More Goal Tracking & Tips

The Fabriq team is working hard to figure out the best way to track this relationship goal for you. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready! In the meantime, take a look at the details below so you’ll be ready when we get this up and running.

As always, you can leave us feedback or send us ideas for goals you’d like to track (or anything else) by tapping “Contact Us” from your settings screen.

What it Means to “Be Involved”

It’s all about going beyond just staying in touch. It’s about taking notes on the important details in the lives of your people and setting and marking off individual reminders to help you show up when it counts. Fabriq will use these actions to show you how you’re doing on this goal.

We get it, it might seem weird at first to keep notes on the people in your life. That said, some of the most notoriously thoughtful people in the world maintain some kind of system to do this. We’ve heard everything from index cards (Mister Rogers) to spreadsheets and journals or kanban boards. Writing down these details about your people’s lives rather than trying to keep track of it all in your head indicates how much you want to show up for them — ultimately, it shows you care.

When you add notes and reminders to Fabriq, you’re bound to be showing up better in the lives of your people — no more belated birthday wishes, missed follow-ups on how that interview went, or forgotten check-ins about their new love interest. Never miss a big moment again. 


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