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Get Intentional About Your Relationships

It’s all about discovering who is important to you, thinking about how you want them to fit into your life regularly, and setting yourself up for success.

Indicate your commitment to get intentional about your relationships to Fabriq and to yourself by doing the following:

  • Add and remove people
  • Add details to their profiles
  • Move people between circles
  • Change their connection frequency
  • Track the quality of your connections

These actions allow you to use Fabriq to focus your energy on who you want to interact with and how you want to interact with them. Doing this fills your Fabriq with the faces of the people you love and lets us send you notifications that support your goals.

Being intentional about your relationships isn’t a one-shot deal. Your life shifts and so does theirs, so shifting your intentions to match those inevitable changes is essential to maintaining a fulfilling social life and optimizing your social health

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