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Staying In Touch with Your People

It’s all about reaching out to your people, and tracking connections after you do.

Commit to and act on this goal by doing these two simple things:

  • Call, text, or email your people using Fabriq’s connection options before their touch-base timers run out
  • Track those connections in Fabriq after they happen

Taking the initiative to kickstart a connection is the best way to make staying in touch a habit (whether you get a response or not). When you do it often, you’re more likely to hear back and have the opportunity to connect. It’s an investment in your relationship that helps maintain a frequency that matches your intentions.

The more you track your connections using Fabriq, the easier it is to ensure that you’re prioritizing the people that matter most to you based on the intentions you set for them. It helps us give you reminders at the right time, which helps you stay on track with those goals.

Regular, quality time spent connecting with your people is the foundation of fulfilling relationships and optimal social health — it’s why staying in touch is a skill we all want to develop (or keep sharp).

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